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Comfort bottle

Sustainability commitment

The world is changing. Fashion is changing. But we’re not just talking in terms of colour, length, or silhouette – the whole industry itself is changing. We’re helping to keep your clothes looking newer for longer, so you can break the fast fashion cycle and enjoy your clothes – instead of disposing of them and buying more at your expense (and at the expense of the planet).

We’re also reducing unnecessarily using plastic and wasting water. Fashion should not cost the planet & neither should clothes care.

The time for action is now. Here’s our vision for a better planet, and how we’re already taking steps to make it a reality.

Our vision

One of our aims is that every bottle of Comfort will be made from 100% recyclable plastic – reducing plastic waste for the planet and reducing plastic usage in your home.

What we’ve done so far


One of our first steps towards a better planet has been creating a concentrated fabric conditioner made from 100% recycled plastic. Our ultra-concentrated formula means each bottle uses 34% less plastic than other Comfort fabric conditioners, releasing 24% less waste and 20% less greenhouse gases.

The changes we’re making amount to more than just statistics; it’s change you can see in your daily life. Concentrated fabric conditioner means smaller bottles. Smaller bottles mean more packs per carton and more cartons per pallet – so you’ll see fewer delivery trucks on the road emitting using fossil fuels and producing CO2.

Make a change. Be the change.