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Comfort is committed to making the planet a better place by thinking more eco-consciously and giving your clothes a long life.

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Are you thinking about how to help to reduce clothes waste? Or how clothing and the environment can work together? Let’s fight fast fashion with slow fashion!

Making your clothes last is easy. Comfort’s clothes care products add life to your clothes by helping to fight colour fading, shape loss, yellowing, roughness, and bobbling. It’s just your favourite clothes looking brand new. Here’s to the new, conscious fashion you.

It’s time to make the most out of your wardrobe. Don’t let old clothes sit in there with unfulfilled potential – upcycle them into something new and exciting that you’ll love wearing. And if those clothes can’t be upcycled, you could donate them or recycle them. Whatever you do with your old clothes, make it something that helps out the global effort for a slow fashion revolution.

Conscious fashion meets conscious packaging. Comfort is already taking steps to making the planet a better place by reducing its packaging for their Comfort Intense ultra-concentrated fabric conditioner bottles.

Smaller bottles mean more fit onto a truck, which means you’ll see fewer delivery trucks on the road and fewer CO2 emissions.