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Lavendar Field


A sophisticated collection of fabric conditioners created by experts in fine fragrance – wrap up your clothes in these truly luxurious fragrances.

Comfort Perfume Deluxe is mixed by experts in perfume

Always be unforgettable. Scents are powerful and evocative. Find a sophisticated scent that speaks to your senses and express it through your clothing. Use Comfort Perfume Deluxe in every wash for a fragrance so gorgeous you'll forget it's your fabric conditioner.

Thought and passion go into creating Comfort’s luxury fabric conditioner fragrances. Finding the right combination of top notes, heart notes, and base notes – each fragrance has a fun, modern twist. Comfort perfume experts mix these to create a range of perfumes for fabric conditioner fragrances, like Elegant Gardenia, Luxurious Oud and Indulgence and Charm. Treat the clothes you love to luxury clothes care products that make them smell incredible – and think of your fabric conditioner like an extra perfume on your dresser.

Epic Comfort fragrances are radiant from the moment your bottle is opened, to the smell of laundry from the washing machine, and the bloom of drying clothes. You’ll feel and smell the same freshness throughout the day when you’re wearing your fabric conditioner-perfumed clothes.