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Guitarist jacket


We love all clothes. We care for all clothes.

The old and new, homemade and store bought, branded, unbranded, crafted, mended, vintage, recycled, swapped, borrowed, and inherited.

Because clothes are more than just fabric. They tell stories about our identity and culture – they carry our memories.

Comfort products add life back to your clothes, enhancing how they look, feel, and smell.

Added in the final stage of the washing process, our fabric conditioner coats the fibres of your clothes and helps to keep them soft, smelling great, and able to retain their shape and colour. It helps to keep them from bobbling and makes them easy to iron, and with less static. Ultimately, it helps to keep clothes in good condition, so you can enjoy your favourite items for longer.

Taking care of your clothes is important. Love your clothes. Care for them. Make them last.

Long Live Clothes.