20 Minute Daily Refresh

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you felt as fresh at the end of the day as you did when you stepped out of the shower this morning? Read on to discover our secrets of how to keep fresh and confident all day.

Refreshing with Spray
Refreshing Pink Roses

Step away from your desk

Taking regular breaks at work means you could be more productive and happier. Whether this is a 10-minute walk, lunch with a friend or simple yoga stretches in your chair, you're likely to feel a whole lot perkier afterwards.  

Super spritz

A blast of your favourite fragrance can lift your spirits. Pop a sample bottle of perfume or a body spray in your bag and spritz your pulse points if you need an instant pick me up. Or spray in the air and walk through the mist — not only will it freshen your outfit but it's a lot of fun.

Flower power

Did you know that flowers can have a positive impact on your mindset? Cut flowers will enhance your home or workplace, even better if they're scented like roses, lilies or freesias. Bold colours are thought to be energising, muted tones tend to be more calming and potted flowers just keep on giving.

Mini spa

Taking time to pamper yourself in the evening can improve your sleep. Slip into your pyjamas or a silk or cotton robe, light an aromatherapy candle, close your eyes, relaxing your shoulders and face, and take a moment to breathe. Bliss. Or if you have longer, put the candle in the bathroom and add a few drops of a relaxing scented oil like lavender or jasmine into a running bath. Step in and let go.

Refreshing run in park

Turn right

During the working day we tend to use the left side of our brain to communicate and absorb facts and information. But sometimes it needs a break. Freshen up by doing an activity that can stimulate the right side of the brain — whether it's a quick meditation, doodling or even sharing a joke with a colleague.

Fitness boost

Going to the gym for a workout isn't everyone's idea of a good time. But keeping fit can boost your energy and wellbeing. Find something that you love doing, whether it's dancing to your favourite music, running in the park or swimming with your friends and family.

Using fabric conditioner

Pamper your clothes by using fabric conditioner in your wash to keep them smelling great. Comfort uses a special formula that releases scents throughout the day. Simply rub the fabric on your top and experience bursts of freshness and that just-washed feeling in the office.