The History of Comfort

Comfort understands that modern parenting is fraught with tough choices, but we believe that no matter what choices you make as a parent, what matters at the end of the day is love. We build this love into all our products - through gorgeous fragrances loved by the family, the longest lasting freshness that stays with them all day, and unbeatable softness at every touch. With Comfort, mums everywhere can be confident they’re giving their families nothing but the best. 

Great fragrances

Since we’re always looking to help mums find even more ways to express love, we lead the category by providing a great range of fragrances for your family to enjoy. Our Comfort Concentrate range comes in the following fragrances:

Comfort Concentrate Core

New Comfort Concentrate gives you the longest lasting freshness ever, thanks to its improved formula. Experience unbeatable freshness!

Comfort Aromatherapy

Feel rejuvenated with Comfort Aromatherapy range - an exclusive range of fabric conditioners infused with essential oils.

Comfort Baby

Comfort Baby is soft and gentle, just like your baby’s skin. Its hypoallergenic formula is dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin.

Great Value

Comfort concentrate provide greater fragrances in smaller quantities.  A 750 ml Comfort Concentrate bottle gives you the same number of washes as a 2L Comfort Dilute bottle. Enjoy unbeatable long lasting freshness and a great range of fragrances with Comfort concentrate.