Washing your baby's clothes with fabric conditioner

Whether your baby’s busy exploring or taking a snooze, it’s important they feel soft and comfortable. We all know that babies love soft things – as Comfort in Vietnam found out with this ‘soft test’ video:

Make sure your little one gets the softness they desire by washing baby clothes with Comfort Baby fabric conditioner.

Why Wash Baby Clothes with Fabric Conditioner?

Comfort Baby has everything you need from a baby safe fabric softener. It keeps fibres smoother so that clothes feel soft and gentle to the touch and is dermatologically tested, with skincare research approved by the British Skin Foundation.

With a formula that contains a lighter fragrance and no dyes, Comfort Baby is ideal for keeping babies safe, soft and happy. 

Keep baby clothes soft with fabric conditioner

How to Wash Baby Clothes with Fabric Softener

Follow our tips below for the best results when washing baby clothes. They’ll help you get the most out of Comfort Baby and keep your baby clothes in their best shape.

  • Use mild detergent, too

    Protect your little one’s skin by pairing a non-bio detergent with a hypoallergenic fabric softener like Comfort Baby in every wash.

  • Wipe away stains before you treat the fabric

    Wipe off any clumpy stains before you wash clothes, so that they don’t soak into the fibres and stain permanently.

  • Don’t let stains linger

    Your baby probably keeps you super busy, but if you put off treating stains they’ll be more difficult to remove. Let stained clothing soak straight away for the easiest removal during washing.

  • Save time drying

    Another benefit of using Comfort Baby is reduced drying time for clothes, which comes in handy when you need to run a lot of washes. Clothes washed with conditioner take less time in the dryer or on the line because the softener’s formulation means they hold less water during washing.

The bottom line? Washing clothes with Comfort Baby means they’ll stay soft and comfy for longer, and you don’t need to worry about irritation. That’ll keep you and your little one happy.