Help! Why does My Laundry Smell So Bad?

Everybody loves the smell of freshly washed and dried clothes. That’s why it can be disappointing when newly laundered clothes don’t smell as fresh as they should. Thankfully, with Comfort fabric conditioner, musty clothes no longer have to be a problem.

See our three best tips for how to make your clothes smell good, starting with using Comfort fabric softener in every wash…

  1. Use Fabric Conditioner for a Fresh Scent (vs. only using laundry detergent)

    Adding Comfort to every wash is the easiest way of freshening up your garments. Comfort’s special formula releases bursts of fragrance throughout the day, keeping you fresh for as long as possible.

    An enjoyable scent can conjure up great feelings, which is why the Comfort Aromatheraphy range comes in a variety of feel good fragrances. It comes in the following fragrances: Glamourous, Indulgent, Charming and Oud.

    Fabric conditioner can also prevent odour-causing bacteria developing on damp fabrics (for example towels drying slowly) – this cuts down on musty mildew smells forming in the first place.

    Clothes smell fresh
  2. Air out Your Clothing

    One more way to get the musty smell out of clothes is to air them out after washing. Drying laundry in stuffy places can be bad for clothes, but drying them in open air keeps them fresh. 

    Don’t forget to use Comfort to help your clothes dry quicker (clothes washed with fabric conditioner hold less water, speeding up the drying process), and to store dry clothes by hanging them up in your closet rather than folding. This helps them stay fresher for longer.

  3. Clean your Washing Machine

    If your clothes still don’t smell their best, a smelly washer could be your problem. Moisture can sometimes build up in washing machines and affect the quality of your wash. Take the time to regularly clean your washing machine to ensure you get the freshest wash possible.

With Comfort at your side, keeping your clothes fresh couldn’t be easier. Use it in every wash to reap the benefits of fluffy, fragrant clothes.