Help! Why has my fabric conditioner gone bad?

We’re often asked if fabric softener can expire, or “go bad”. The answer is: not exactly, but like a lot of household items, its performance can reduce over time if it’s kept for too long, or stored in the wrong way.

We recommend you use Comfort within about three months of purchase, as this guarantees you the best experience and results.

How to Store Your Fabric Softener

The way you store your fabric softener can affect its quality over time.

  • Always store Comfort at room temperature, and out of direct sunlight.
  • Keep your fabric conditioner bottles away from extreme hot or cold, and never let them freeze.

Looking after your fabric conditioner

Never let your let fabric conditioner mix with detergents, or measure anything else out with the cap. Just one drop of main wash detergent in your fabric conditioner can make it go bad, so be mindful when pouring it in to your washer.

Fresh clothes after laundry

Signs Your Fabric Softener Has Gone Bad

  • The liquid has become gloopy, lumpy or too thick to pour, and doesn’t recover when you dilute it with water and shake.
  • It’s undergone a distinct change in colour, or has lost its usual freshness and fragrance.

Expired or spoiled fabric conditioners won’t soften and fragrance your clothes as well, so make sure you switch when you see signs of decline. 

Treat your bottle of Comfort well and it’ll do the same for your clothes. Use each bottle you buy as soon as possible to ensure you get the softness and fragrance you seek in every wash.