How to Use Comfort Fabric Conditioner

Washing detergents clean your clothes, but fabric conditioners work extra hard to make your clothes as fragrant and fresh as possible, for longer. If you’re looking for softer feeling towels and clothes that smell their freshest, then Comfort fabric conditioner is the answer.

What Does Fabric Conditioner Do?

Fabric conditioners keep your clothes from wearing out too soon. The fibres in particularly soft fabrics like wool can get tangled or bobbled over time: fabric softener gently conditions each fibre, helps keep their natural elasticity, which keeps your clothes looking newer for as long as possible.

As well as this, using Comfort fabric conditioner leaves your clothes feeling softer, lighter and easier to wear. Comfort has also been specially formulated to deliver a range of beautiful long-lasting scents that delight the senses and make your clothes feel fresh and fragrant.

Adding a fabric softener to your wash is simple; just follow our step by step guide.

  1. Always check the side of your fabric conditioner bottle to make sure it’s okay to use on your fabrics.
  2. Comfort comes with a small dosing cap. Pour the fabric softener in to the cap according to the instructions on the bottle. Pour Comfort in to the correct drawer of your washing machine (check the manual as this varies between makes), switch to your chosen wash and your machine will take care of the rest. Fabric conditioner is added in the final cycle to ensure the softness and fragrance remains.
  3. Once your clothes have been washed, make sure they’re thoroughly dried. Line drying in particular helps your clothes get the ultimate in long lasting freshness that Comfort fabric conditioners provide.
Washing clothes together
Drying clothes on a line

What to Avoid When Using Fabric Softener

  1. Make sure fabric softener doesn’t come in to direct contact with your clothes, as it can cause damage to certain fabrics when not diluted with water (as it is in the wash).
  2. Storing fabric softener the wrong way can cause it to thicken. Keep your fabric conditioner in the best condition by storing it at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.
  3. Always use the dosing cap available on all Comfort bottles. Mixing Comfort with your detergent can cause your softener to thicken.

Simply put, fabric conditioner works like a hair conditioner for your clothes. It smooths, freshens, and protects fabrics, so clothes smell great and last longer. Give it a go in your next wash.