Get your Gym Gear Smelling Fresh Again

There’s nothing like a good session at the gym to give you a burst of positive energy. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if a great workout didn’t leave you with a bag of smelly clothes?

Thankfully, Comfort is here to help give your gym clothes a new lease of life. Our four simple tips will help you keep your gym gear as fragrant as possible for longer.

Getting the sweat smell out of clothes

How to Bring Your Gym Clothes Back to Life with Comfort

  1. Check the Labels Before Washing

    The first step in washing gym clothes is to check the labels before starting a wash. Workout clothes are often designed from high-tech materials that may require a special washing cycle.

  2. Use Comfort Fabric Softener

    Using Comfort when washing your gym kit helps to prevent damaged fibres and matting that can trap moisture and sweat in your gym clothes.

    As well as keeping your clothes in good condition, Comfort also offers an array of long-lasting fragrances that keep you and your gym clothes fresh all day.

  3. Dry clothes correctly

    As with washing, the best method of drying will depend on your fabric. Cotton fabrics can go straight into the tumble dryer, but tech-based fabrics will need to be air dried. Always check the care label on your garments for the best drying method.